LifeShine is regarded as one of the most premium vehicle protection systems available for paintwork, interiors and glass, in terms of quality, reliability and reputation.

Discover how LifeShine can benefit your business and offer lifetime protection on your customers’ investment.

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Used car shortages mean that vehicle preparation is more important than ever


As the impact of technology continues to transform the motor industry in key areas such as electrification, connectivity and autonomous driving, so too is the whole concept of how consumers purchase, fund and access vehicles.

Options drivers love the most …

Helping customers to choose the right options, and highlighting standard equipment and ‘hidden’ features is central to the sales process. These have proved to be a hit with customers in the dealership, helping retailers to close sales on both new vehicles in their showrooms, as well as on the used car forecourt.

Looking to protect your car?

LifeShine is the premium vehicle protection system that offers lifetime protection on your paintwork, upholstery and glass.